Top 10 Reasons to Choose Carver Academy


     As Christian parents, we are instructed to “train our children in the way they should go…” (Proverbs 22:6).  This is an important command, and by following through on this, we not only bless our children, but also countless future generations.  It is a lofty and serious mandate God has laid on us as parents.

     We need help as parents to train our children in the way they should go, which necessitates Christian schooling as partners for parents in guiding their children to be who God made them to be -- emotionally, socially, academically, and spiritually.

1.  Character Education Children are molded by loving teachers and the curriculum to demonstrate Christ-like character.  Challenges they face at school and in life are approached through the lens of the Truth of God’s Word.

2.  The Bible is the Source of Truth Every aspect of curriculum is shared through the truth of the Bible.  For example, math is an act of worship to a God that made the universe with unchanging, perfect rules that are mathematically discernible.  Science is the study of God’s beautiful and magnificent Creation. The more real science is studied, the more students should be drawn to and in awe of God.


3.  Teachers Model the Christian Worldview Our teachers are not only brilliant educators.  They attend church weekly and have their own personal relationship with the Lord.  From that relationship they are able to love children through God’s eyes.

4.  Prayer is an Important Part of Each Day Students begin each day learning the Bible and spending time praying to God, sharing needs with each other, praying for one another, and encouraging one another.


5.  Individual Attention  Because of the smaller class sizes, teachers are able to help each student as individuals and differentiate instruction to meet the needs of exceptional students.  Additionally, some classes are able to combine to learn together in subjects such as Bible and History.


6.  Positive Peer Pressure  Although no child is perfect, children are encouraging each other daily to do the right thing.  Children at Carver Academy are trained to love one another and build each other up.


7.  The Power of Critical Thinking Children are encouraged to think deeply about important issues and their learning.  Our goal is for children to have a solid Biblical foundation so that when they go off to college, they know what they believe and why they believe it, prepared for whatever the world throws at them.

8.  Loving Faculty  The staff at Carver Academy pray daily that we can see the children through God’s eyes and to love them the way He does.  We are more than a school, and teaching is more than a job.

9.  Superior Academics  Christian schools, with smaller class sizes, personally invested teachers, and a rigorous curriculum, produce measurable results on standardized tests that shows their students consistently outperform their secular, public school peers -- by a large margin.


10.  You are Accountable We are responsible to God to train our children to follow Jesus, not only at home and in church, but in school as well. Public schools no longer represent the personal parental views of Christian parents and have actually become a barrier to fulfilling our calling as Christian parents.  There is no greater investment we can make in the lives of our children than an amazing Christian education!