Mission Statement

  To inspire, encourage, train and direct

those whom God has given the gift of music

with a spirit of service, excellence, sensitivity,

purity, humility, and strength.


George Washington Carver is most often remembered for his many achievements within the field of botany and specifically with peanuts.  However, Carver Academy's namesake had a passion for art and music.  It was his initial intention upon entering college to study music and art.  Carver played many musical instruments, and in his early days frequently entertained with his music and singing.

Music instruction has been identified as foundational to the improvement in overall academic achievement, as well as directed improvement specifically with math, reading, and listening skills. 

With this understanding, Carver Academy incorporates music into our weekly classroom enrichment as well as offering private individual instruction.

In the weekly classroom enrichment program, the students learn to play and read music, analyze and appreciate music, and the roots and history of music through classroom instruction, research, quizzes, as well as hands on experience.  In 2018 / 2019 the upper elementary grade students are assigned recorders and learning to play them as a class.

Students may additionally enroll in weekly individual instruction lessons in which they may expand their skills with the musical instrument of their choice.  Enrollment in a given instrument is on a first-come first-served basis.



Music Program Director

Stringed Instrument Instructor

Joe Murfin

Percussion Instrument Instructor



Keyboard Instrument Instructor



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