Parent Perspectives

What are parents saying about Carver Academy?

“Carver Academy will give your child the opportunity they need to excel not only academically, but as an individual. My son is in the fifth grade, attending Carver for 4 years now, he is confident, challenged, and loves to go to school every day! The teachers and staff at Carver are energetic and truly love what they do. Carver is an exceptional school. I'm very proud to have my child attend this school.”

Rebekah Flynn, Parent of 5th Grade Student

"My son has been at Carver since he was in Pre-K3, and he is now in first grade. That alone speaks volumes on how great Carver Academy is. To have a principal and teachers who genuinely care about my son's natural and spiritual life is more than I could ever ask for! Academically, my son supersedes his peers who don’t attend Carver Academy. Not only does he apply his academics on a daily basis, but he tries to apply what he learns spiritually. My son is only six years old, and he witnesses to others about Jesus! Of course he learns about Jesus at home and in church, but he has the privilege of learning more about Jesus on a daily basis all thanks to Carver Academy!"

Jasmine Rutledge, Parent of 1st Grade Student


"The education is excellent, but most of all, the unity and love from the faculty is breath-taking.  My child has made lasting friendships and memories.  We love Carver!"

Nikky and Rakeya Gee-Thompson, Parents of 4th Grade Student

"Our son benefits from the small classes, and if he needs extra help, the teachers go above and beyond...Carver has such a warm environment which helped our son come out of his shell, and he is always excited to go to school!  We are so blessed to have our son attend and would make the sacrifice all over again."

Gregg and Michelle Rosa, Parents of 6th Grade Student

"I am so thankful my daughters are part of the Carver family.  This journey began with my oldest attending Carver Preschool.  Because we loved the preschool program so much, enrolling her in Carver Academy for Kindergarten felt right.  My kindergartener is reading quite fluently, writing full sentences, and can even add and subtract.  To say my daughter is thriving is an understatement.  The teaching staff really is the best, and we can see how much they care.  I love the small class sizes because it gives teachers the ability to spend more time with each child.  We especially love the Christian focus infused throughout the curriculum which fosters creativity, intelligence, and love.  The Carver difference is real."
Dave and Kelly Cataudella, Parents of 2nd Grade Student and PreK-4 Student

“I love Carver Academy for many reasons, but mostly because of the teachers. My oldest son has been coming since the first year Carver opened and has thrived spiritually and academically. His teachers have been so caring and wonderful. We had no hesitation in enrolling my younger son in Kindergarten there in the Fall.”

Chip and Jen Bowlby, Parents of 6th Grade Student and 1st Grade Student

"Not only are the academics exceptional, but he is learning morals and values.  We love that Bible studies are before anything else.  We can't imagine Chris learning anywhere else."
Chris and Jessica Jenkins, Parents of 5th Grade Student

"From the moment we stepped foot into Carver Academy, we knew it was something special. My son was so behind the Carver Academy curriculum from what was being taught at his previous school and now is excelling academically. The individual attention and care is outstanding. The teachers are wonderful communicators! It was one of the best decisions we ever made to enroll our child at Carver Academy."

Jamie and Deanna Arute, Parents of 5th Grade Student

"I could not be more happy that he goes to such a fine school like Carver!  Every person in that school ranging from the administrator, to his teacher, all the way to the principal, I know that they genuinely love my son and my son loves them!!"

Ernie Voelkl, Parent of 6th Grade Student and 2nd Grade Student

"Each year we have had extremely talented teachers, who are personally invested in her success and seem to genuinely love Delaney. We had had three older children who all navigated and survived the public school system, with large class sizes, school-wide discipline issues, and too many other issues to mention. In contrast, we have been so blessed by Carver Academy, because instead of "surviving," she is THRIVING, at a school that teaches at such a challenging level but also reinforces our own values. We couldn't imagine her anywhere else!"

Bill and Megan Hartenstein, Parents of 4th Grade Student