I already pay taxes to pay for public education.  Public schools have experienced teachers who are

professionally trained to educate students.  Why should I pay extra to send my child to a Christian school,

and is there any difference?

Yes, there is a tremendous difference!  First,  we hire experienced teachers who absolutely love children,

and we have observed them working with children either in the context of Carver Academy or in church

over a considerable length of time. 

However, most importantly, it comes down to a question of worldview.  Your child spends more time in school with their teacher and other students than they do at home with you.   Teachers, curriculum, and students all influence your child in subtle ways that you may try to counteract at home and through church, but let's face it -- you just don't have an even playing field when the other side gets so much more time!

Even as young as elementary school, a secular progressive worldview is forced on your child.  Your child will be taught that behaviors the Bible calls "sin" are acceptable and even morally good.  Your child will learn that there is nothing special about them, but that they are merely highly evolved cosmic slime with no greater value or significance than any other plant or animal.  Over years, this has an observable effect on the way children think, believe, and act.  

Why would you want that for your children, when you could have a superior, rigorous academic education that is in line with your beliefs and a true, Biblical worldview that prepares them for the challenges of college and life?  As parents, we have been given a tremendous responsibility by God to train our children in the way they should go.  Isn't it worth any sacrifice to ensure your child has the very best preparation for life, both academically and spiritually?  This decision and investment will make an impact for generations!

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